Dress-2-Impress Online Store Loyaly Programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I Sign Up For the Loyalty Programme?

All you will need to do is be a registered user of our online store at shop.dress-2-impress.com. All customers that make purchases as a registered user, will have points awarded to their account. Purchases made as a guest at checkout, will not receive points awards.

2. How do I check my Points Balance?

Returning customers can Login using your email address, and password. Registered users logged in at shop.dress-2-impress.com, will be advised of their current points balance, before clicking the final pay button on checkout, on your return visit. You can then select to use those points as part of (or full if enough points) your payment method. You can also request your points balance at any time by emailing loyalty@dress-2-impress.com.

3. Do I need to pay to register?

No, you are registered to use the Loyalty Programme and collect, simply by being a registered user of our site shop.dress-2-impress.com

4. How long before points expire?

Your points expire after 3 Years.

5. Can I redeem my points for Cash?

No points cannot be redeemed for cash. Points may only be redeemed for the cash value against purchases at the online store shop.dress-2-impress.com.