Hat - Lilac, Purple, Teal Orchids Floral Beret Hat

Lilac Beret

A Coffee Bean Shaped Headpiece that sits over the crown of head and down forehead. The headpiece is in Natural Sinamay, adorned with a cascade of Handmade Silk Chiffon and Silk Habutai Orchids. Flower are tones of White, Purple, Teal, Natural, and Navy, with stemen centres of Teal AB, Blue and Clear AB Swarovski Crystals. Flowers sit within a bed of dyed veilings in the Teal and Purple of the flower petals.

Available to buy from the Dress-2-Impress.com Shop. Click Here The base is a coffee bean shaped base sitting on crown of head and is Royal Enclosure permitted.

Attaches using an elastic that wraps under your hair, and a comb on the inside.

Base Measures 7.25" x 6.25"
Flowers arrangement and veiling reaching a little further and higher.
Royal Enclosure Permitted: Yes

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