Rewarding Repeat Customers

A Big Thank You for your Loyalty, with 10% to spend on your next purchase

Over the past 5 years we have dressed the heads of many Brides, Race Go-ers, and Wedding Guests, and have been lucky enough to be able to do so, not just once, but many times, for several of our customers busy social calendars. We really appreciate the loyalty of our returning customers, and believe they should be rewarded for this loyalty.

We know how expensive it can be when ALL your friends are getting married in what seems like one weekend after another, with Aintree, Ascot and Epsom Races in between. You know you can't possibly wear the same outfit for all events. It may be different friends at each event, but the photographic evidence is on your Facebook page. You need new headwear for every event, so we are helping make that a little easier by awarding loyalty points, worth 10% of your purchases.

Points are awarded for all purchases of clothing, shoes and headwear in our online store only. We are unable to award points on our Hire Hats and Headpieces.

The Concept is So Simple

The points are so easy to accumulate and spend: you get 1 point for every full £1.00 spent (excluding postage), and each point is worth 10p towards your next purchase. So if you spend £70 in our online store today, you get awarded points worth £7.00 off your next order. If you spend £100 today, you will get £10.00 off your next order.

You can spend your points as soon as your first order is dispatched, and points won't expire until 3 full years. So you can order a headpiece today for your friends wedding in 2017, and next year your points will still be here for your next friends wedding (hopefully not the same friend!), or in 2019 if you have no other weddings or races to attend for two years.

When you place your order, and register with us (rather than as a guest) at checkout, then the points are awarded to your account and saved until you decide to come back for your next purchase. No loyalty cards to keep in your wallet. No stamps to collect. Your purchase history with us is saved and you'll be offered the option to spend your points the next time you login.

Other Ways to Help Your Points Grow

1. Recommending us to Others: If like so many of our customers, you find yourself surrounded by other guests desperate to know where you got your headpiece from, then don't keep it a secret. Let them know, and tell them to mention your name, when placing their order. We will then add 50 points to your account as a thank you for modelling our headwear so well that your friend couldn't resist finding one of our headpieces for herself. That's 50 points, worth £5.00 for every friend that orders from us, as a result of you looking so fabulous.

2. Post a Product Review: All our items have the option for registered customers to submit a review of the product they ordered. If you submit a review of your purchase, within 1 month of receiving your item, then we will award your account with 5 points. That's another 50p towards your next purchase. Points are only awarded to customers that have purchased the product and are reviewing that purchase. We are not able to award points for people trying to review items that they haven't actually purchased.

3. Email us a Picture: Our headwear tends to be worn by people at events where they look great and get photographed, and not so much by people wanting to wear a fascinator or headpiece while doing the gardening! As a result nearly everyone has pictures of themselves wearing our designs, and they love to share them with us. Email us a picture of you wearing your headwear, for us to post on our facebook page, and we will award your account with another 5 points (50p towards your next purchase). We do need it to be a suitable and clean picture of you wearing your purchase, that can indeed be used on our facebook page. We can't award points I'm afraid for just emailing us any old picture, or unsavory images.

4. Follow us on Facebook to be alerted of more ways to boost points: Remember to tick the "like" on our facebook page. This way when we run any additional promotions to boost your points, extra money off, sales periods, or new products, then you will be made aware through Facebook.

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