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Charlotte Olympia

So, so pretty for a Monochrome outfit and Feather Hat. Keep the dress simple, and let the shoes and hat steal the show.

Ted Baker Shoes 2020. Ted Baker Polka Dot Shoes 2020. Shoes to wear with a black and white dress 2020. Polka Dot shoes to wear to the races. Polka Dot Sandals 2020. Polka Dot high heel shoes 2020.

Ted Baker

Made in leather with a striking snakeskin polka dot design, this pretty pair is completed with a metallic detail under the toes.

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Kate Spade

Black and white Heart with Polka Dots. Fun bag with a Black and White outfit for the races.

Ted Baker Black Patent Leather Shoes 2020. Black High Heel shoes for summer 2020. Black Shoes to wear to the races. Shoes to wear with a Black and white dress. Black patent leather High Heel Shoes 2020. Shoes to wear with a white outfit.

Ted Baker

These sophisticated stilettos add impact to your race day ensembles, and come finished with subtle metallic detailing at toes and heels.

Off White Shoes 2020. Shoes to wear with an Off White Dress 2020. Off White shoes for the Races. Royal Ascot outfit ideas. What to wear for Royal Ascot.


With a see-through cutout vamp and semi-transparent lucite heel, these stiletto slingback court shoes are clearly a fashion-forward addition to your outfit for the races.

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